1906 Payroll Deduction Policy

l. Policy: CoxHealth provides 1906 the Employee Store Payroll Deduction to all eligible employees with a limit for all employees of $200 per pay period.

ll.Eligibility: All active CoxHealth employees requisitioned .5FTE or greater are eligible to enroll. Employees on leaves of absences are not able to charge.

lll.Guidelines: Employees must sign up in store or online. Upon registering online or in store you accept these terms and conditions. Participation in the program may be revoked at the discretion of the Employee Store administration.

Card Acceptance

Payroll deduction will be available in the Employee Store at Cox South and through the Employee Store online. Participants may only utilize the employee badge assigned to them. No one can charge on another persons' badge. Badge is required for all transaction regardless of payment type.

Lost or Stolen Cards

If a badge is lost or stolen, it is the employee's responsibility to report it to the Security department and have a replacement badge issues. All items charged from a lost or stolen badge will be payroll deducted until the notification has been made to Security.

Disputed Charges

All deduction disputes will be accepted in writing by email @1906@coxhealth.com These will be reviewed by the Employee Store Administration and credit will be made accordingly.


Employees are responsible for ensuring their paycheck will cover their charges. If charges exceed the paycheck amount the employee will be notified in writing and required to make arrangements for payment to the Employee Store within ten (10) days for the date on the letter. Charging privileges will be suspended until the balance is returned to -0-. Failure to make arrangements for payment of the charges may result in forfeiture of Earned Time Off (ETO) and charging privileges being revoked. If the charges exceed the paycheck amount three (3) times the charging privileges will be revoked. It is the sole responsibility of the cardholder to manage the account balances and activity. The user must be with there badge at the time of charging. No charges are permitted from co-workes or family. If charging is not available to cardholder will be required to pay by other means.